Surefire Ways to Unlock More Sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution


Surefire Ways to Unlock More Sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution

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Hungry Shark Evolution game is an addictive arcade game. The primary aim of this game is to eat as much as you can in order to survive. You will have to eat and unlock sharks. Unlike other shark, you will be able to eat sea birds and people who are swimming in the sea. In this game, you will also have to avoid objects that can kill the shark like mines and submarines. However, if you are finding problems in progressing in the game then you can follow the hungry shark evolution hack and  tricks that have been given below.

How will You Evolve the Sharks?

You will be able to earn growth points when the shark eats more and more creatures. These points are actually used for deciding when your shark will level up and eventually become more fearsome. When you reach the first level you get the Reef Shark. While on reaching the highest level you get the Megalodon.

Unlocking Megalodon

You might already know that Megadolon shark is the best shark that you are capable of unlocking in the game. This is a shark that will be able to eat non-living things like mines and boats. As a matter of fact, this is the only shark which can eat jelly fish along with the Antidote and stay alive with the mines. megalodon shark you also can get by hungry shark evolution hack tool , these tool are awesome and free to use .

Dealing with the Submarines

Submarines are the nastiest items in the game. It can shoot the sharks if it comes too close to it. However, there is a way by which you will be able to get rid of them. All you need to do is to charge the front portion of the submarine. This might do a lot of damage to the shark but you will be able to avoid this if you are quick and take the submarine by surprise.


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